H# B/114, L#07,DOHS Mohakhali, Dhaka.

Business Support Services2

Financial Services:

Our team of financial advisers will provide you with comprehensive financial counselling, including assistance in soft loans. We analyze industry opportunities and assist you all in telling the intricate aspects of funding and investment.

Corporate Services:

  • i) Legal
  • ii) Tax
  • iii) Finance
  • iv) Risks factors

Management Consulting Services:

We will help you, plan and implement your vision by solving problems and finding new and better ways of doing things.

Marketing Services:

Our team will facilitate your organization with an overall marketing plan of production, pricing, promotion, and distribution.

Legal Services:

Our legal consultants are ready to assist you by practicing law-related services for legal issues, filing, petitioning, and litigation.

Permissions from the government Services:

Different sectors of the economy include different FDI limits and guidelines. We are going to guide you through the whole process of foreign direct investment in Bangladesh and facilitate getting all required permissions from the government centre.

Long-term Partnership Services:

We offer you all-inclusive support in terms of in-depth industry analysis, market strategies, connecting you with the correct foreign investors, policy advocacy, and financial advisory. We will work closely to serve you.

Project planning Services:

From the commencement of your journey to the previous step, we are going to guide you through it all. From taking you over different entry strategies to guiding you towards the correct investors, we formulate and implement the proper strategies.

Connect with investors:

We are a platform matching investing opportunities to investors. We assist in Foreign Direct Investment by connecting you with the correct investors.