H# B/114, L#07,DOHS Mohakhali, Dhaka.

Investment Facilitation Services

Investment Facilitation Services:

  • Information and advice before investment.
  • Investor reception service (expedited immigration).
  • Registration/approval of foreign, joint and local projects.
  • Registration/approval of branches/representative offices/representative offices.
  • Approval of work permits for foreigners.
  • Promote connections with public utilities (electricity, gas, water and sewage, telecommunications, etc.).
  • Assist in obtaining commercial space.
  • Approval of freight, technical expertise and technical support costs.
  • Facilitating import of basic equipment and raw materials.

Business Promotion and Support Services:

  • Investor Management
  • Establishment of new industries.
  • Government agency support.
  • Equipment and raw material supply support.
  • Support for raising third-party funds.
  • Support for licensing and technical assistance.
  • Visa recommendation and issuance of work permits.
  • Assist in setting up business workplaces.
  • Direction on working together in Bangladesh.
  • Assisting in the formulation of rules, strategies and guidelines.